Shrinking Comics Space Noted and Lamented

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By: E&P Staff

Reduced comics space is the subject of a piece in Minnesota State University’s Reporter publication.

Derek Wehrwein writes that “today’s comics would be virtually unrecognizable” to early cartoonists because the ability to “illustrate and create storylines has been severely hampered as the size of the comics has been slowly but surely reduced.”

He continues: “The difference in the size of the comics is truly startling. In the 1920s and ’30s, a single Sunday comic strip often filled an entire newspaper page. The entire Sunday comics section itself ballooned, with newspapers often carrying up to 16 pages of comics…. Daily strips have also shrunk over the years.”

Wehrwein did observe that Webcomics don’t share the size problem. “The creators of these diverse strips are not as hindered by space, art, and subject-matter constraints as more traditional comics have been,” he wrote. “As a result, many cartoonists believe that the future of cartooning actually lies in the online world.”

The complete piece can be seen here.

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