Sibress Introduces Small, Portable Flexo Plate Analyzer

By: E&P Staff

Sibress, Vahrn, Italy, maker of measuring systems and analyzers for quality assurance in flexo and packaging printing, now offers Flexo Control Universal, a portable device for use almost anywhere.

Not much bigger than a computer mouse and easy to use, the new analyzer is designed for quality control of screen areas, individual printing dots, lines, and barcodes on finished flexo plates, imaged LAMS flexo plates, steel-backed letterpress plates, offset plates, and elastomer flexo plates.

The FCU measures AM screens from 23- to 85-lines/cm on flexo and offset plates and FM screens with at least 20µm dots. According to Sibress, “the system achieves less than ±0.5% repeatability in all modes.”

The product also measures the dots and coverage values of color prints with AM, FM, or hybrid screens and film. A new algorithm precisely analyzes screen coverage values for overprint colors (blends) or critical colors like yellow.

Thew lightweight FCU connects to a PC or notebook computer with a two-meter USB cable. It captures the surfaces using an RGB color camera equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor. Energy-saving LED lighting can be activated on demand via the Versatile@flex software for capturing prints and non-translucent plates. Sibress redesigned the user interface the software (for Windows 7, Vista, or XP) and optimized it to automatically detect and analyze all dots in the active image area (>3 mm). Values recorded for parameters such as dot percentage, line screen, dot diameter, dot perimeter, and angle are displayed seconds.

Together with the laser-etched calibration target (included with the instrument and comprising nine precise screen patches), auto-calibration ensures accurate, reproducible analyses over a long period of time.

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