Sing Tao News Corporation Orders New Goss Press for Toronto

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By: Press Release | Goss

January 31st, 2013 – Sing Tao News Corporation has ordered a new six-tower Goss Community press for the Sing Tao Daily, Canadian eastern edition. The publisher’s experience with Goss equipment and personnel was crucial to the choice of supplier for its latest technology upgrade.  

The installation coincides with a relocation to a new printing plant in the city of Markham, within the Greater Toronto Area. According to Peter Li, vice president – operations for Sing Tao Daily, Canadian eastern edition, there are a number of advantages to be gained from the installation: “Our objective is to improve production efficiency and reduce waste while also increasing color capacity for daily editions and supplements. Goss is not unique in the ability to meet these needs but we have always used Goss equipment so we know it well, and confidence in the long-term support was also an important consideration.”  

Founded in 1978, Sing Tao Daily is the largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Canada. The press for Sing Tao Daily, Canadian eastern edition will consist of six four-high towers and two folders for printing the Toronto daily editions, as well as five weekly supplements and two independent weekly magazines. Comprising five broadsheet sections for each daily edition, the main eastern edition achieves readership figures in the region of 200,000 copies per issue.  

“The competition for readership is stiff so we have been employing a range of strategies in order to reinforce our ability to capture and retain the largest share of the print readership,” comments Li. “As well as increasing our number of titles we have also been devoting considerable energy and resources to improve content and print quality. This latest press acquisition is part of that process.”

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