Sites That Block Adblockers Seem to be Suffering

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For news publishers the world is constantly ending – not only in over-caffeinated headlines but behind the scenes too. It’s always been so, from Gutenberg to Wapping riots to the internet and the painful conversion from print to digital.

The latest Imminent Apocalypse is the dramatic rise in the use of adblockers – particularly new innovations in adblocking in the coveted mobile space, even at the network level.

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One thought on “Sites That Block Adblockers Seem to be Suffering

  • June 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    I don’t like adblockers, but I use them. They however prevent me from supporting websites I like. However… Some sites force me to use adblockers because their ads are so intruding. Irritatingly… Examples:

    So yes, I use an adblocker. A really static one, and I can’t disable it for just one website. On a daily basis my DD-WRT based router downloads the most recent file of domains/URLs to block DNS requests. It works like a charm. The Net becomes calm again… on every website I visit. I can see content without my eyes having to search for it. It however fails to block YouTube’s intro ad videos like it did before. I’ve seen them so much I know them by heart: Joe, Scott, CoolBlue, ‘You need a website, why don’t you build one yourself?’, and losers like that. Of course I can build a website myself, and if you’d just look at the videos I’m watching about development (as you track me) why do you still bother me with ads about template-based websites?

    Some sites say: you’re using an adblocker, please disable it to support us. But you may still view our content. That’s good! And if the content is good I might disable my adblocker.

    However, there are some websites that force you to disable your adblocker in order for you to even view their content. This is anti-social behavior, and that should be banned. The Internet was designed to be free for everyone. Blocking ads like irritiating popups, playing videos with loud music while I’m inside some public transport just searching for public transport depart times for my next trip, I just have to block them! (I’m even planning to VPN my mobile phone to my home network that blocks ads just to get rid of waking up innocent companion travellers inside the train or bus, because the Dutch 9292 public transport app plays videos while searching for departion times, what’s wrong with their (one) brain cell? These commercial “thinking” people just don’t know how to present a decent ad that just works well.

    So if you own a website that blocks visitors using adblockers: don’t you want them to see your content? You do! Don’t you want them to tell others about your website? You do! What the hell is wrong with you?


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