Six Things to Consider About the New Los Angeles Register

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By: Ken Doctor | Nieman Journalism Lab

The last time a daily paper launched in L.A. was back in the Carter administration. The Valley Green Sheet, a green newsprinted shopper that would get thrown on my doorstep a few times a week, morphed into a daily between 1976 and 1980, becoming the Los Angeles Daily News, now a part of Digital First Media’s Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

Many newspapers have come and gone in L.A.’s history, but today the city is abuzz with Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz’s new show. The back-to-the-future headline, after its fall announcement: PRINT NEWSPAPER DEBUTS TODAY (“The newsonomics of the Orange County Register’s new, newer, newest strategy”). It costs $1.50 a day or $2 on Sunday and is available at 5,500 convenience and grocery stories; no home delivery yet, but it could be in place by May.

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