‘Slate’: Krugman is ‘NYT’ Pundit with Most Value

By: E&P Staff

Paul Krugman ranked highest in a Slate poll about which New York Times columnist has the highest “value.”

Timothy Noah, Slate’s “Chatterbox” columnist, conducted the survey after the Times announced that it will start charging for some of its online content — including its eight Op-Ed columnists. Noah asked readers to divide $25 (about half of the Times’ proposed $49.95 Web fee) among the eight according to their perceived worth.

Krugman averaged $6.90, followed by Thomas Friedman ($4.10), Frank Rich ($3.92), Maureen Dowd ($3.42), Nicholas Kristof ($2.35), Bob Herbert ($1.42), David Brooks ($1.39), and John Tierney ($0.31). Noah said Tierney’s poor showing probably had a lot to do with the newness of his column.

The “Chatterbox” writer emphasized that his poll wasn’t scientific, saying he received more responses than expected (about 1,000) and was only able to process some of them. Noah also acknowledged that the monetary total for all eight columnists — who are syndicated as part of the New York Times News Service — did not add up to $25.

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