SnipSnap: How a Newspaper Vet Aims to Remake Paper Coupons For the Mobile Era

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By: John Paul Titlow |

It all started with a pack of diapers. Ted Mann, then a regional digital director for Gannett and a new dad, was waiting in line to pay for diapers when he realized he hadn’t brought the coupons. Like so many coupons clipped from the local paper, they sat in what Mann refers to as the “bowl of shame” – that repository of unclaimed discounts that so many households know all too well. Mann knew there had to be a digital solution to this classic, analog problem.

He started by using his iPhone’s camera app to take pictures of coupons he and his wife found in the paper. As crude as it was, this approach worked. When other customers started asking what app he was using, Mann knew he was onto something.

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