Snow Job: Fox Host Accepts White House Spokesman Slot

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By: E&P Staff

Tony Snow, the Fox TV and radio personality, has accepted the job as White House press secretary, both The New York Times and The Washington Post reported late Tuesday. The announcement was to be made Wednesday morning.

The newspapers said he had negotiated special access to the president as part of his deal. He once served as a speechwriter for the current president’s father.

Snow has survived colon cancer and the Post said he still had to clear the hurdle of a clean CAT scan.

He would probably become the first “pundit” to serve as a presidential press secretary. His oft-stated conservative views could help or hinder, as he has openly criticized the current president–usually from the right–in the past year. Last November, he wrote, “The newly passive George Bush has become something of an embarrassment.”

He also has viewed the press as overwhelmingly partisan, in a 2000 column referring to “Democrats and journalists (but I repeat myself).” He recently observed that two “intrepid” New York Times reporters “saved the Bush presidency recently by breaking news that the National Security Agency has been conducting surveillance of al-Qaida operatives abroad and their minions in the United States….When pushed, George W. Bush doesn’t like to play smash-mouth. He prefers the poker stratagem of calling people’s bluffs.”

Snow has served as editorial page editor of the Washington Times, deputy editorial page editor of the Detroit News, and columnist for USA Today, as well as writing a syndicated column.

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