Some Papers Lose Big in Today’s New Circulation Numbers

By: E&P Staff

On “Bloody Monday,” E&P calculated the circ numbers in the new Fas-Fax report and found steep percentage drops at many large papers. A few show modest gains, but in some spots it’s downright ugly.

USA Today maintained its crown as #1 in circulation, with a .05% gain taking it to 2,281,831 copies daily. The Wall Street, in second place at 2,070,498, was down .8%.

Compared to the same period a year ago, The Sun in Baltimore dropped a staggering 11.5% in daily circulation and 8.4% in Sunday circulation. On Friday alone, the paper lost roughly 14% of its circulation.

The Chicago Tribune was down 6.6% daily and 4.6% Sunday. The Rocky Mountain News experienced a decline of 6.6% in daily copies and The Denver Post lost 6.3% in daily.

The Miami Herald, a Knight Ridder paper, was down 3.7% daily. Sunday slipped 3.9%.

The Washington Post reported daily copies down 2.6% and Sunday was down 2.4%. The Arizona Republic declined 3.2%, as did the St. Petersburg Times. The Houston Chronicle slid 3.9%. The Cleveland Plain Dealer lost about 5.2 % daily.

By comparison, the Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., didn’t look so bad at minus 1.6%.

Out in California, the Los Angeles Times dropped 6.4% daily and 7.9% Sunday. The Los Angeles Daily News, however, was up a bit with a .09% increase in daily copies and declining slightly on Sunday .5%.

The San Diego Union-Tribune dropped 6.6% on weekdays and 0.7% on Sundays. The San Francisco Chronicle reported a daily decline of 6% and a Sunday decline of 7.7%.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise, in one of the fastest growing markets, experienced small decreases, down 1.8% daily and 3.2% on Sunday.

Even The Sacramento Bee, part of the McClatchy Co., which regularly boasts of circ increases, was virtually flat daily with a small increase of .5%. Sunday copies there dropped 4.2%. The Minneapolis Star Tribune, another McClatchy paper, grew .3% on weekdays but decreased 2.3% on Sundays.

The New York Post, normally one of the largest papers to regularly gain, was virtually flat, with a .01% increase in daily copies. Sunday slipped 4%. The New York Times was also flat in daily sales at plus .24%, while the New York Daily News took a 1.5% hit.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch made admirable gains (relatively speaking) with daily copies up 1.1%. Sunday decreased 2%.

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