South Texas Papers Launch Ad Supercharger

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Three Freedom Communications dailies in South Texas are the latest newspapers to begin sending their display ads to local shoppers by e-mail.

Using Ad Supercharger — a software system developed by Green Shoot Media — the Brownsville Herald, Valley Morning Star in Harlingen and The Monitor in McAllen are now sending their print ads to online shoppers each morning.

The papers make a profit by upselling print advertisers to deliver their ads by e-mail. Shoppers can sign up to have the newspaper ads sent to their inbox each morning, much like the popular “daily deals” programs, only using the papers’ existing print ads as the deals content.

“We’re excited to have these Freedom Communications dailies sign up with Ad Supercharger,” said Derek Price, owner of Green Shoot Media. “Ad Supercharger is a totally new way to drive digital revenue by connecting newspaper advertisers and local shoppers online. It’s been great launching it with a group of forward-thinking papers in Texas.”

More information is available at

Groupon, Living Social and other daily deals sites have seen tremendous growth recently.

Newspapers, though, have been delivering daily deals in print for more than 100 years. Ad Supercharger simply takes those existing print ads and delivers them in a Web-friendly format. Shoppers get the print ads delivered to their inbox, where they can click to see them full size, print them at home, and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

“People everywhere like getting good deals delivered to their inbox,” Price said. “Our software just takes the great deals that newspapers are already offering in print and delivers them to shoppers online, too.”

Bottom line: It gets more eyeballs on ads and better results for advertisers.

Ad Supercharger is designed to be easy for newspapers to implement, with minimal involvement from staff. Ad files are sent to Ad Supercharger via FTP. Each of the ads is then automatically sent to the newspaper’s e-mail list the following morning.

If the newspaper already has an opt-in e-mail list, Ad Supercharger can use it to deliver the ads. It also includes a sign-up form so shoppers can join the list with just one click.

Ad Supercharger also comes with professionally printed brochures to help the newspaper’s sale staff explain it to advertisers.

Finally, Ad Supercharger makes newspaper ads sharable on social media sites. Readers can click to share their favorite ads with their friends on Twitter and Facebook, and they can easily print the ads on their home printer.

Better yet, advertisers can use Ad Supercharger in their own social marketing efforts as well. If an advertiser has a Facebook fan page for their business, for example, they can share their newspaper ad with their followers on Facebook.

To see Ad Supercharger in action, sign up for a free trial at This will automatically deliver sample ads to your inbox so you can see exactly how Ad Supercharger works in person.

For more information, e-mail or call 256-275-4333.



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