SP Industries Installs More Loose Paper Loaders

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By: Jim Rosenberg

With the help of newsprint supplier Weyerhaeuser, SP Industries Inc., Hopkins, Mich., installed its NP-165 loose newsprint loader system late last year at The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C., where it handles approximately 200 tons per month.

SP Industries President Denny Pool said his company’s patent for the CP-NP-165 also was granted last October, and that another patent is pending on an extensible side system as an option for the loader that will allow other paper grades to be loaded into standard over-the-road trailers. The NP-165 can automatically transfer thousands of pounds of loose paper into a truck trailers at high speed (E&P, Dec. 2005).

Earlier, said Pool, Weyerhaeuser also helped install two CP-165-NP loaders at the Seattle Times’ Bothell plant, one at The Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer, and another at the Orlando Sentinel, with average payloads of 16 to 21 tons.

Moving 1,000 tons per month, the Seattle Times had used compactors that were hauled to a recycler for baling before shipment to a mill. It now loads all its old newsprint into the same trailer that delivers its newsprint rolls, for direct return to the mill. Savings on handling and transportation are estimated at $35 per ton.

With about a quarter of Seattle’s recovered newsprint, Fayetteville had manually loaded trailers headed to a recycler for baling. Since last spring, however, all materials, including blow-in trim, have been loaded into a trailer and sent directly to the mill.

With “uncontaminated newsprint becoming less and less available because of the commingled source being of poor quality and more of a problem in the papermaking process,” said SP Industries Sales and Marketing Vice President Gene Koelsch, “we see more effort from the mill side to secure this source in order to provide a high-quality product.”

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