Spain’s Heraldo de Aragon Switches to Protec Cross-Media Solution

By: E&P Staff

Spain’s Heraldo de Aragon, in Zaragoza, has purchased Protec’s Milenium publishing system, which it will use for contracting, controling and archiving advertising, as well as production, content management and communications between editorial staff and the print center.

The content-management system will include page production, page design, simultaneous editing, integrated reception of news and images. The advertising component has automated functions that include contracting, management, archiving of originals and set-up of classified ads

The Heraldo Group, which includes several dailies as well as magazines and other media concerns, was a user of Ailink’s Infopolis. When that Spanish developer folded, Madrid-based Protec took over support of the system, but it was only a question of time before the Aragon group would either need to migrate to the Protec platform or choose a new system, according to Maria Antonio Costales, an editor at the Spanish media trade magazine Intermedios.

“As a Protec customer, the group is guaranteed that the company won’t close its doors and leave it in the lurch, which is more likely with a small developer or the local subsidiary of an international firm,” she said.

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