Spanish-Language Publisher to Launch New Free Papers in October

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By: Nancy Ayala

Starting Oct. 9, Spanish-language newspaper publisher ImpreMedia will begin distributing free tabloid-sized papers to 650,000 Hispanic households nationwide.

Billed as “the largest Hispanic print network in the nation,” Domingo (Sunday) will have an 80% or more Hispanic density reach with its new weeklies, according to Robert Armband, publisher of the ImpreMedia-owned La Raza. “The two new papers are modeled under [the weekly] La Raza,” he said.

The new Sunday publications will be launched with a Contigo masthead as an extension of the preexisting ImpreMedia-owned papers. Under the rubric of the Domino network, La Opini?n Contigo in Los Angeles and El Diario La Prensa Contigo in New York will be a free, home-delivered addition to the local papers, which will continue to be found at newsstands and in boxes. La Raza produces its weekly paper on Sunday, so it will not launch a separate publication like its sister publications. Armand does not discard the idea that his paper might publish on more weekdays in the future.

Contigo editorial content will be produced locally at each paper, with the option of sharing stories. Copy will be primarily in Spanish (though English will also be found) and will be written by staff and freelancers. The publications, which will be polybagged and delivered to the door, are targeting women and families. Twenty to 28 pages are planned for now, but that could change as the papers get closer to the publication date.

“We have themes that will run across the network — auto, health, fashion, food, education,” says Armband. “[Advertisers] can place an ad in a venue that breaks the same week on the same subject” in different cities. A tabloid format will also facilitate buys from local and national advertisers, who will not have to wrestle with varying newspaper sizes.

“When [ImpreMedia] makes more acquisitions, we’ll be able to do more. We’re setting up to reach more than a million homes,” Armband says.

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