Special ‘Newsday’ Section on 10th Anniversary of TWA Flight 800

By: E&P Staff

Ten years ago today, TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island?s southern shore, killing all 230 passengers and crew onboard. Newsday, Long Island?s main newspaper, has dedicated a special section on its Web site to cover the anniversary of this tragic event.

Titled simply ?TWA Flight 800: Ten Years Later?, the section features nearly a dozen reports by staff writers covering everything from the memorials being held today to the conspiracy theories and questions of safety that still consume many of the residents of Long Island.

Newsday?s multimedia features include a virtual tour of the memorial, a list of the victims, and a database of Newsday?s archives pertaining to the Flight 800 coverage. Among the most striking images contained within the multimedia presentation are the graphic screen captures taken from the CIA that show the jumbo jet bursting into flames and shattering over the ocean.

The compilation is a remarkable effort on the part of the newspaper, and is reminiscent of the September 11th multimedia memorials that were posted on national newspaper websites following the disaster.

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