Specially Crafted Children’s Newspaper Creates Path for Future Readers

By: Wolfgang Granigg and Tina Blaževic | inma.org

How can one enthuse the youngest readers for a print product in the future? Tina Blaževic and I would like to share lessons on this topic from the introduction of the Kleine Children’s Newspaper, a spin-off of the well-known Kleine Zeitung in south Austria from the Styria media house.

For quite some time, a general international trend has been observed that when a decrease in young readership takes place, a shift to online media occurs. Since younger readers are at the same time the readers of tomorrow, a decrease in this group is at first sight alarming and threatening for print titles.

This development was the reason the Kleine Zeitung thought about what can be done against this trend. Finally, after numerous considerations, discussions and analysis, it was decided to introduce a special spin-off of the Kleine Zeitung, which was designed in particular for the youngest readers between the ages of 6 and 11. This product was introduced to inspire children at an early age to read in general, and to get interested in print media. In addition, the product should make a valuable educational contribution

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