Speeding Up Development – WoodWing Releases Version 3.6 of Elvis DAM

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The new version of WoodWing´s innovative digital asset management solution Elvis DAM improves the way users can collaborate, share and manage high volumes of digital assets. Elvis DAM 3.6 supports the latest release of WoodWing´s publishing system Enterprise 8.

With Elvis DAM 3.6, WoodWing Software has released the first update of the product since the acquisition of Elvis DAM at the end of October, 2012. The new version offers new and intuitive ways to share digital assets and to collaborate in publishing processes any kind. Also new is the support for taxonomies to enrich the assets’ metadata.

Sharing and collaboration – intuitive and fast
With Elvis DAM 3.6, WoodWing is introducing a variety of new sharing features. To share collections with colleagues in remote locations, partners or customers, users simply generate a link that they send via e-mail. Recipients can open the collection in their browser or the Elvis desktop client and preview, download and upload any number of assets. Another new option is to create an HTML gallery and share the HTML code to embed the collection in a Web page.

When sharing, it´s possible to set access rights, including an expiration date. Received assets or collections can quickly be approved or rejected, and the assets will immediately be updated with their new status. 

Easy assignment of photographers
Elvis DAM 3.6 makes it much easier to collaborate with photographers, too. Art Directors create and send an empty collection including a description for the job. Using a Web interface, the photographer simply batch uploads the images straight to the desired collection.

Taxonomies made easy
A taxonomy is a predefined, hierarchical tree of terms that makes it easy to consistently structure information such as metadata. Elvis DAM 3.6 offers a user-friendly way to browse taxonomies and allows the user to add metadata to assets straight from the taxonomy tree. Users already maintaining a taxonomy can import it in RDF or text format. Support for Enterprise 8 Elvis DAM also now supports version 8 of WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise. Users can export and import assets to and from Enterprise and its editorial management application Content Station. This integration allows users to incorporate their assets in the Enterprise workflow, which significantly increases the efficiency of the processes.

“We’re confident Elvis DAM users will greatly benefit from the new features in this release,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. “In October 2012, we promised to speed up the development of Elvis DAM and this is the first proof we are delivering. Our next Elvis DAM release will contain a much deeper integration with our publishing system Enterprise 8 and Content Station, along with a number of other cool new features.”

Elvis DAM has been adopted by numerous customers in publishing, marketing and non-profit organizations. A reference list is available at www.elvisdam.com/references/

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