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By: Jason Williams

Finding the best sports journalism on the Web can be as tricky as kicking a 50-yard field goal during Hurricane Floyd. Large search engines can send you wide-left (“Catfish Hunter ? not hunting catfish”) and fan pages can send you wide-right (
Rich Johnson, an abc Radio Network anchor, thinks he may have the site to send your search spiraling through the uprights just in time for football season., a directory of links to the sports pages of over 200 newspaper Web sites, is offering two subscription services to provide sports journalists and sports nuts with a time-saving way to get to the stories they want.
The Daily Link Service provides subscribers with a list of the best sports journalism of the day ? selected from articles and columns nationally and internationally and organized by region, sport, and team ? for $5 a day.
“I haven’t cut any deals to the exclusion of anyone else,” says Johnson, adding that he uses real people with editorial experience to select the best that newspapers have to offer. “It all started with journalists, and it still is the focus of the site,” he says.
The Pro Football Link Service, however, shoots for more inclusive coverage of the National Football League. “Every team. Every story. Every day. That’s our goal,” proclaims the site. The price varies according to whether you order month-to-month or the full season.
In addition to the subscription services, the site posts links to sports stories updated daily and organized by sport, team, or region for easy point-and-click navigation.
Johnson is optmistic about the success of the site, which has seen a rise of over 337,000 page views since its launch in 1997. was featured in the July issue of PC Magazine’s Top Web sites of 1999, alongside sports giants and cnnsi.

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