‘Star-Ledger’ Touts Sports Fan Web Site in Boycott Editorial

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By: Joe Strupp

A new organization lobbying for the rights – and complaints — of sports fans got its first major newspaper support this weekend in a lead editorial in The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.

The Saturday opinion page piece
stated that fans who take high ticket prices and other abuses from teams “need to kick the habit. And now, in the midst of a recession, is the time. They could use a union. And a backbone. They need to leave the seats empty. They need to stop watching their teams on pay TV. They need to stop buying CC Sabathia and Johan Santana jerseys.

“Imagine empty seats. Lots of them. Imagine ticket prices and salaries plummeting and greedy ticket brokers taking a bath. (Actually, some ticket speculators are losing lots of money, and that’s a start.)”

The opinion piece also cited sportsfansunited.com which New Jersey resident Scott Weiss launched in late March. He says he has written to 40 newspapers seeking support, including The Star-Ledger. Others range from the Chicago Tribune to the Los Angeles Times. “I have been trying to do this stuff for years, and I finally go the word out,” says Weiss, a social worker and New York Rangers and New York Jets fan. “But I think now the environment is ripe.”

His site also includes a blog that is lobbying for Major League Baseball to strip New York Yankee and steroid user Alex Rodriguez of his past MVP awards. He says he will keep trying to get newspapers to at least report on the cause: “Fans once and for all need to unite.”

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