‘Steve Canyon’ Comic Coming to Web Site

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By: E&P Staff

HumorousMaximus.com is bringing “Steve Canyon” to the Web to celebrate the 100th birthday of cartoonist Milton Caniff.

Installments of the classic adventure strip will start appearing next Monday, according to “Lost Sheep” cartoonist Dan Thompson. He co-owns HumorousMaximus.com, which features the work of more than 30 cartoonists.

The 1907-born Caniff did “Steve Canyon” from 1947 until his death in 1988. Prior to “Steve Canyon,” he did the even-more-famous “Terry and the Pirates” comic starting in 1934.

Caniff’s centennial birth year will also be celebrated at this fall’s triennial Festival of Cartoon Art held by Ohio State University’s Cartoon Research Library. And a Caniff biography by R.C. Harvey is scheduled to be released this spring.

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