Stop Saying Pageviews Don’t Matter

There is a common, disparaging discourse surrounding the relevance of the pageviews metric. I’ve heard pageviews called everything from passé to obsolete. Those descriptions may hold true in some environments. But in your average newsroom, pageviews aren’t passé — they’re a priority.

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One thought on “Stop Saying Pageviews Don’t Matter

  • October 25, 2017 at 10:12 am

    You want to increase your page views? Very simple. Take every article and then just give a snippet with the option to continue reading. Then divide up the rest of the story in a similar way by using photos and snippets of text. That way, you can trick your advertisers into thinking people are actually looking at more of your website than they are. They are only looking at more because they’ve been forced to go to more pages to read one article. That’s Website 101 from 2009 … smoke and mirrors.


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