Subscription Publishers Wrestle with Password-Sharing

Subscriptions are a great way to draw a steady stream of revenue from readers — unless readers share their login credentials with everyone they know.

As publishers try to grow subscription businesses, they have to figure out how to handle password-sharing, a phenomenon that subscription services like Netflix and Spotify have wrestled with for years.

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One thought on “Subscription Publishers Wrestle with Password-Sharing

  • August 10, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Interesting but if a digital site tried to limit who I could share say an interesting article from a newspaper I subscribe to with it would be wrong because I pay them for the content and if it’s something a friend or colleague would like seeing, I have no problem sharing. Besides, the nay-sayers here need to remember we have changed the method, but not the media. If they ban me as a paying subscriber from sharing an e-article, what will be next? Vanishing ink so I can’t rip out and send that same story to someone in the snail mail or give my hard copy of the newspaper to a friend or associate? I am a “fossil” as I get THREE daily newspapers delivered on paper every day, but I still have no issue with sharing an article or even a paper with a friend or two. Afterall, I pay all three to be there for me so regardless of if its paper or pixels I have handed over my cash, which for the 3 papers combined is well over $100 a month.


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