Sun Chemical Demo Fast UV Inks at Ifra

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By: E&P Staff

Sun Chemical will conduct live demonstrations of its high-speed UV inks next month during Ifra, in Vienna. The runs will take place on the MAN Roland Colorman press at Viennese daily Herold Druck.

The UniWeb Sunray inks will print at more than 11meters per second — more than twice the speed of conventional UV inks, according to Sun Chemical.

Believed to be the only newspaper running the high-speed inks in a live setting, Herold Druck uses UV and conventional inks on the same printing tower, “enabling it to have full versatility for production demands.”

Herold Druck was a pilot site for a new UV curing arrangement. The “closed-chamber” system on a Colorman tower’s stacked nine-cylinder satellite units relies on Innocure systems from Eltex-Elektrostatik GmbH. Each has two UV lamps positioned between the UV-enabled printing units (see E&P Online, May 17). The newly fashioned hybrid conventional coldest/UV/ web press went into production at the Vienna printing plant at the end of February, running at up to 90,000 copies per hour.

Herold Druck’s curing system not only activates the photoinitiators in UV-sensitive ink, but also creates an electric charge that lifts oxygen away from the paper’s surface, which interferes with acrylic polymerization, away from the paper’s surface, leaving what Sun Chemical Coldset Product Director Steve Lilley called “a nitrogen blanket” that assists UV curing.

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