Sun-Sentinel Saving with Quipp Packman

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By: E&P Staff

Miami-based Quipp Systems sold seven more Model 501 stackers to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, which also recently finished installing four Quipp Packman systems in its Deerfield Beach facility. The stackers will be installed this summer.

With its previous equipment and layout, the Sun-Sentinel ran its GMA SLS 3000 inserter at 11,000 per hour (10 papers in a bundle). Using the multifunction Quipp Packman, the paper runs the SLS 3000 at more than 20,000 per hour (10 papers in a bundle).

The plant had been using 56 people on 10-hour shifts to run the inserter and load carts each day. To handle increased bundle throughput using Packman, it added two people but cut back shifts to eight hours, yielding a net reduction of 96 man-hours per day on Friday and Sunday ROP advance insert runs.

CORRECTION, June 3: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the Sun-Sentinel is based in Orlando. It is based in Fort Lauderdale.

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