Swedish Systems Suppliers Collaborate on Print-Web Coordination

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By: E&P Staff

Polopoly, Stockholm, Sweden, and Swedish editorial systems supplier Infomaker are partnering to integrate Polopoly’s content-management system with Infomaker’s Newspilot editorial system in a collaboration to simplify coordination and updating of content in a print edition with a Web site.

Editors using both systems are to benefit from automatic content updating. A journalist who updates a story in the editorial system will have the story automatically updated also in the content management system, and vice versa. Also, according to the companies, advertising departments and printing offices will benefit from the integration.

The collaboration “aims to launch an integration module that can be offered to all our joint customers,” Infomaker CEO Peter Mansson, said in a statement.

Polopoly’s content-management suite contains a range of functionality and enables personalized services, such as local weather and searches, quick polls and user ratings of articles. Polopoly also has a community module for managing user-generated content in co-ordination with other content.

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