Syndicate: Nobody Pulls ‘B.C.’ Evolution Strip

By: Dave Astor

Yesterday’s “B.C.” comic tweaking the theory of evolution wasn’t dropped by any of the feature’s 1,200 client newspapers, according to Creators Syndicate.

“Anyone who runs ‘B.C.’ at this point knows Johnny Hart’s philosophy, so I don’t think anyone was surprised,” said Creators President Rick Newcombe, when reached today by E&P. Hart occasionally places pro-Christianity messages in his comic.

In yesterday’s “B.C.,” the Wiley character is pictured writing this poem: “There once was a preacher named Charlie D./whose degree was in Christianity./But he chose to take up botany/so he sailed aboard the H.M.S. B./A fox of a man, on a dog of a ship/allowed his Christianity to slip/and concocted a ‘theory’ while at sea/designed to make monkeys of you and me.” Then Wiley is shown saying to himself: “And he did.”

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