Syndicate Saving Snow’s Column Slot for After White House Tenure

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By: Dave Astor

Fox News commentator Tony Snow has an open invitation to resume his syndicated column after his tenure as White House press secretary ends.

“We’ll keep a slot open for him after his tenure is up,” Creators Syndicate President Rick Newcombe told E&P. “He writes a wonderful column and has developed a very large readership. In addition, there’s plenty of precedent for former press secretaries writing columns after they leave office. For instance, when I was at the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, we syndicated Jody Powell after he had served as White House spokesman for President Carter.”

Newcombe said Snow “is a brilliant writer who is also very charismatic on television and in speeches,” and that he has “a definite political philosophy — ideas truly matter to him.” The syndicate executive added that Snow’s views “are compatible with President Bush’s. It would be difficult to imagine anyone who would do a better job as spokesman for this administration.”

Snow has indeed frequently supported Bush, but has also criticized him at times. A New York Times story today noted that Snow called some of the proposals in Bush’s State of the Union address “lackluster.” Snow has also criticized Bush for “wavering” in his conservatism and for the prescription-drug benefit the president signed into law.

The watchdog group noted that Snow wrote last year that Bush’s “presidency will come effectively to an end” if Harriet Miers’ Supreme Court nomination was rejected, and that Snow also said the Republican Party is “packed with cowards.”

Snow, whose voice mail at Fox News is filled up, could not be reached for comment today by E&P. He did discuss, in his latest Creators column, the reaction some people have had to him becoming press secretary.

“I have learned things about myself that I never knew,” Snow wrote. “Helpful correspondents have told me where to go, what to use to fill various orifices, which pack animal I most closely resemble, and my next-world destination. Sages from afar have ascertained that I’m a Brahmin, a trilateralist, a BushBot, a puppet, a force of evil in the modern world, a White House mouthpiece-toady-stenographer merely seeking a change of station (and major cut in pay) and a toothy, well-coifed mediocrity. One marvels at the vivacity of strangers’ opinions, and the dazzling variety of their venom. Where do such passions come from? Why do people feel not merely free, but compelled to express themselves so?”

Snow is a Fox News radio and TV commentator who has worked for newspapers such as The Detroit News and The Washington Times. He also wrote speeches for the first President Bush.

Creators distributes Snow’s column to about 160 newspapers and Web sites, according to Margo Sugrue, the syndicate’s national sales director.

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