Syndicate Signs Palestinian-American Columnist

By: Dave Astor

Creators Syndicate has signed Ray Hanania, making him possibly the first Palestinian-American columnist ever to be represented by a major syndicate.

“I’m really excited that an Arab-American perspective is going to be put out to American newspapers,” said Hanania, who writes a weekly column on Mideast issues for the Daily Herald of Arlington Heights, Ill. In addition to that serious feature, he does a standup comedy act that thrust him into the national news late last month when Jewish comedian Jackie Mason wouldn’t perform with him.

Hanania will also write a second installment of his column each week for the Los Angeles-based Creators, which plans to start distributing him by mid-October, according to syndicate Director of Operations Lori Sheehey.

“He’s a good writer with a strong newspaper background, including the Chicago Sun-Times,” said Creators President Rick Newcombe. “And he offers a perspective that’s interesting. It struck me as a good decision to syndicate his column.”

The Chicago-born Hanania — a Christian married to a Jewish woman — has sharply criticized anti-Palestinian actions of Ariel Sharon’s Israeli government, reported on hate crimes aimed at Arab Americans and people who look like Arab Americans, and discussed other topics in his column.

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