Syndicate Would Welcome Back Tony Snow If He Resumes a Column

By: Dave Astor

Will Tony Snow resume writing a column for Creators Syndicate after leaving his post as White House press secretary?

“I hope he does,” replied Creators Syndicate President Rick Newcombe, while adding that he’ll wait until after Snow leaves the press secretary job before asking him if a column is in his plans.

Snow, who has been undergoing cancer treatments, is scheduled to relinquish the White House post on Sept. 14.

The former Fox News commentator had about 160 print and Web clients for his Creators column when he gave it up to become press secretary in the spring of 2006. Will being the spokesman for an unpopular president hurt Snow’s client level if he resumes his column, or will the high-profile White House job be a plus?

Newcombe thinks it will be the latter. “It always helps when a person becomes a household name,” said the Creators president, who was contacted today by E&P. Newcombe added that he feels Snow did a “terrific job” as press secretary.

He also noted that there’s precedent for Snow moving from press secretary to columnist. Newcombe, while serving as an executive at the old Los Angeles Times Syndicate in the early 1980s, was involved in distributing a column by former Carter-administration press secretary Jody Powell.

Prior to his tenure with the current President Bush, Snow wrote speeches for the first President Bush and worked for newspapers such as The Detroit News and The Washington Times.

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