Tablet Prices Drop, Digital Publishing on the Rise

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By: Press Release | Uberflip

According to IMS Research, the average tablet price dropped 21% in the first three months of 2012. While new devices are constantly coming to market, such as the recently announced Microsoft Surface, the tablet market is well on its way to achieving critical mass over the next few years. That’s quite substantial for an industry that really only got going two years ago with the debut of the iPad.

What does this mean for companies looking to engage with their audience?

“Businesses must now communicate with their customers, whether B2B or B2C, across all new interactive channels,” says Uberflip COO Randy Frisch. “Over the past decade, this typically meant building a website and an email communications strategy. Now, this also includes having an appropriate mobile presence and mobile communication strategy.”

So, why are so many marketers still sending emails with PDF attachments that simply aren’t meant for mobile viewing? That’s one of the major opportunities Frisch sees for his company.

Uberflip is a cloud-based digital publishing tool that allows anyone to upload a PDF and enhance it with features such as video and social integrations. It then makes the document accessible on any device using Flash for desktop and HTML5 for mobile browsing, and ultimately makes the content trackable with both proprietary real-time stats and an integration with Google Analytics.

“Since rebranding as Uberflip in March 2012, we’ve seen a 61% month-over-month growth in new users,” says Frisch. “Our focus is on providing the best HTML5 experience possible via the browser on mobile devices. When companies, large or small, begin to look for ways to easily convert existing documents and make them tablet-friendly, they invariably end up with a solution like Uberflip.”

Tablet adoption is gaining momentum. According to new research from comScore, roughly a quarter of all U.S. smartphone users now have a tablet. That’s more than 100% growth in just one year.

“Whether in the office on a laptop, on the go with a smartphone, or at home on a tablet, people want an optimized reading experience for the device that they’re reading on at that moment. Uberflip provides the most effective way for all types of businesses to communicate with their audience in such a way,” concludes Frisch.

About Uberflip:
Uberflip ( formerly Mygazines, makes it easy to enhance, distribute and track PDF content on tablets and other devices. Within minutes, documents are converted into page-turning experiences where leveraging links, video and social media integration is just the beginning. The Uberflip Application allows marketers, publishers and other content creators to meet all distribution, security, monetizing and tracking requirements for their content. Uberflip’s solutions help companies save costs and make money through new marketing channels.

Clients and partners include Thompson Reuters, Dupont, Research in Motion, Grant Thornton, Minden Gross LLP, HP and Cornell University.

Uberflip can be found in the Google Chrome Web Store. To experience Uberflip first-hand, visit their monthly newsletter Going Digital.

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