TENSOR GROUP Supplies Tower Additions in U.S. and Australia

By: E&P Staff

Press release from issuing company

TENSOR GROUP, INC. recently supplied 4-high tower additions to newspaper producers in the U.S. and Australia. One tower was added to a Goss Community line and another will be added to a TENSOR press.

The Courier at Mt. Barker in South Australia will have its third TENSOR T-1400 tower installed this month, extending page count and color of the 72-page tabloid. The Marston family has been operating the multi-award winning newspaper, The Courier, for almost 60 years and continues to expand the business. Bruce Marston, general manager, said, “The TENSOR press units perform with excellent precision and constant reliability.” Mr. Marston went on to say, “Our advertisers and consumers are impressed with the color and quality of the color pages we produce. Our press crew has informed me that we have not purchased a spare part for our TENSOR presses since they were installed some years ago, which proves that buying quality really does pay off.”

Step Saver, Inc., Southington, Connecticut’s largest shopping newspaper, is up and running with its first T-1400, enhancing the original Goss press’ color capabilities. Step Saver also prints numerous local Observer papers, including The Southington, The Bristol and The Plainville.

TENSOR’s T-1400 offers a proven, ergonomical design with the added benefit of retaining a consistently economical value over the lifetime of the press. The unique “bearing-in-a-bearing” eccentric design provides optimum dynamic support of the blanket cylinders, reducing print disturbance. Stainless steel clad cylinders with unique tapered journals add stiffness for improved print and registration control. The arch geometry design allows easy access for operators.

TENSOR GROUP, INC. is a premier U.S. manufacturer of single width web offset press equipment for commercial, insert and newspaper markets worldwide. Visit TENSOR’s website at www.tensorgroup.com for detailed product and dealer information.


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