Tensor Unveils T-460 Model, Expands in Europe

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By: E&P Staff

Tensor Group Inc. in Woodridge, Ill., manufacturer of web offset press equipment, launched its latest singlewide press unit design, the Tensor T-460, during last month’s IFRA Expo. The three-form-roller press is a second high-speed Tensor product option for newspaper and semi-commercial printing.

The launch of the T-460 (up to 46,000 iph) follows the T-500, the company’s first 12-roller-ink-train press unit (three ink form rollers), introduced in 2006 and subsequently installed in eastern Europe and the U.S. Tensor said it is repositioning the T-500 design in the marketplace with an enhanced couple-shaftless drive system and speed upgrade from 50,000 iph to 60,000 iph. The T-460 will fill the market niche that does not require that speed but demands high ink coverage and fast makeready for quality semi-commercial work.

The two products share such characteristics as 12-roller ink trains, full bearer design, traditional Tensor bearing-in-a-bearing technology for full cylinder support, and massive cast iron frames that reduce vibration and provide stability and durability.

Marked differences between the two models arise from their design to meet different market preferences and price points, according to the company. The T-460 is equipped with a footprint-shaftless AC vector drive system (with optional unit-shaftless drive), while the T-500 now has an independent couple-shaftless drive system with servo motors as standard. Couple-shaftless drive enables unit-to-unit register controls on both the 10 and 13 side. Optional plate cocking for swift makeready is available only with the T-500.

Chilled ink vibrators, segmented ink fountain blades and oil coolers for sustained high-speed applications are standard on the T-500 and optional on the T-460. As on all Tensor presses, both models can be equipped with spray dampening, automatic register control, remote inking, and ink leveler systems.

Separately, Tensor announced that it is expanding marketing, sales and service operations in Europe for its web offset press equipment.

Tensor appointed Bo Rasmussen & Birthe Rasmussen to key area sales management positions covering Iceland and several European countries. Bo and Birthe of BB ProduktionsService A.S. have represented Tensor since 1994 in Denmark. They bring technical knowledge about Tensor’s machinery and internal processes to aid sales negotiations and press installations.

The Rasmussens will manage a network of sales representatives in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Earlier this year, Tensor also began working with agencies in Greece and Norway — Omnicom of Athens, under Managing Director Peter Papadimitriou, and GrafiNor A.S., under Managing Director Leif Johansen.

The privately held maker of singlewide commercial, insert and newspaper presses for 15 years has installed more than 2,200 units in more than 36 countries.

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