The Aggravation Of ‘Over-Aggregation’: HuffPo Suspends Writer

By: Staci D. Kramer |

If you can’t manage the art of aggregation, stick to the science. Aggregation has been part of our coverage mix at paidContent from the beginning. Done right, it’s a valuable tool that helps readers and benefits the original source. Done wrong, it’s at best, a mess and at worst, theft. Simon Dumenco got the wrong end of it recently—and he got results when he went public with a complaint that Bill Keller has been too nice to Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post.

In What It’s Like to Get Used and Abused by The Huffington Post, Dumenco outlined his experience with reality compared to the oft-repeated claims by Huffington and others at HuffPo that being picked up by them amplifies traffic to the original.

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