The Bruce Springsteen/Iraq Link — With a Little ‘Attytood’

By: E&P Staff

Will Bunch, the senior writer at The Philadelphia Daily News who also pens the popular Attytood blog there, is a longtime Bruce Springsteen fan — after all, the Boss has always had a soft spot for the City of Brotherly Love just across the border from his Jersey home base.

Today, Bunch cites Bruce in his review at Attytood of E&P Editor Greg Mitchell’s new book, “So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits — and the President — Failed on Iraq.”

Referring to the preface, Bunch asks, “How cool is this? Bruce Springsteen wants you to buy this book,” while noting that the Springsteen preface is actually more “concise” than Bruce’s rambling classic “Jungleland.”

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