The Cat’s Meow: This ‘Miracle’ Story Was True, But Now Revised

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There may still be good reason to call the kitten Miracle, but some animal welfare officials got some key details wrong in recounting the tale of the tabby who hitched a harrowing ride on the New Jersey Turnpike. The original account drew wide media play recently.

Initially, the group said a cat clung to the underside of a sport utility vehicle that traveled about 70 miles on the highway in late December.

It turns out it was more like 30 miles, a Ford Taurus rather than an SUV and the cat was tucked in an engine compartment rather than hanging onto the bottom of the vehicle.

The woman who found the cat told the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill for Wednesday’s newspapers that the cat seemed to have gotten under the hood of the state-owned Ford Taurus she drives while it was in a Newark parking garage on Dec. 22.

The driver, Gwen Cobb, lives in Cherry Hill but spends two days a week in Newark as her job as community relations manager for the state Division of Banking and Insurance.

She said that as she drove home that night, a man in a BMW rolled down his window around Interchange 13 in Elizabeth, just a few miles into her ride home. She rolled down her window, too.

“‘You’re not going to believe this, but there’s a cat underneath your car. I saw the head and I saw the paws,”‘ she said, quoting the man. “Mind you, we’re going 70 miles an hour.”

Cobb pulled off in New Brunswick to check. She heard a meow before the cat sauntered out from under the car. “He was very, very friendly, as affectionate as could be,” Cobb said.

She took him home and then to the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees the next day.

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