‘The Daily’ Launches A New Version; Hopes For Assist From Spotify

By: Staci D. Kramer | PaidContent.org

Another News Corp. tabloid is making news today and this time it has nothing to do with Parliament or police. The Daily is out with a new edition that erases some of the biggest complaints about the iPad tab, sending users to the cover instead of a carousel, returning to where you left off instead of forcing a start at the front again, offering a table of contents that shows all the stories in each section—and, the update notice that just hit my inbox promises, more stability for the “fastest, best version yet.”

So far, the first three are right and the last one, well, after six months, I’d hate to think anyone would send out something buggier or slower. It took about about 12 seconds to see the cover and about 25 seconds to access content; that feels a little slow in iPad time but it’s much faster than the first version and the ability to go straight to cover or to the last page each saves time.

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