‘The Guardian’ Covers Maureen Dowd Wrongdoing — and Contributes its Own

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By: Greg Mitchell

As you may know by now, everyone from bloggers to the Associated Press has been covering an incident involving New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. In her Sunday column, as E&P noted yesterday, she published a paragraph almost word-for-word originally written by well-known liberal blogger Josh Marshall at his Talking Points Memo site.

Fairly quickly she called it a mistake, the copy was changed online, a correction appeared — though the explanation has not convinced many.

Now, in a new twist, The Guardian posted a story online today that wrongly quoted Josh Marshall on the affair. The guy can’t win — getting no credit, and then too much credit.

Marshall has yet to speak out on the incident so it was a kind of scoop when Ed Pilkington at The Guardian quoted him thusly (if not exactly coherently): “Now, I’m all for cutting & pasting. As a blogger I do it all the time, but I always give credit. So, if this isn’t outright plagiarism by a top NY Times Editorialist, than I’m a happily married, straight man with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a lovely 2nd wife of 15 years with a girl half my age on the side. Which I assure you all, I am not.”

The only problem was, the paper was quoting a blogger at Talking Ponts Memo who originally broke the story — whose name happens to be Joshua.

The quote has now been removed from the Guardian story, but no correction there has appeared. Its current version can be seen here.

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