THE HORROR WORSENS: Friday Pleas for Help from ‘Times-Pic’ Blog

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By: E&P Staff

If anything, the situation grows more desperate in New Orleans, as these very up-close and personal, and terrifying, pleas for help at a Times-Picayune readers’ forum reveal today — including many patients and staff trapped in hospitals. We will update during the day.

Friday night–Is it possible for you to contact someone (media), senators, and the governor about University Hospital with 1100 people STILL STRANDED 9/2/2005 8:30 pm? It seems to have fallen off the priority list. I’m just
heartbroken about the way my community is being treated!!


World renowned concert pianist, Roger Donald Dickerson, Sr. has been missing since Monday afternoon. Mr. Dickerson, best known as the composer of “A Requium for Louis Armstrong” which was played by the Louisiana Symphony Orchestra, is also known throughout the jazz and classical music communities as a musician’s musician. His students include Ellis and Jason Marsalis, and Irvin Mayfield.


Sidney Smith, Matthew Von Stetina, his wife Bridget and 2 small children along with Adele Bertucci and her mother are trapped on the roof at 97 Fontainebleau Dr. water and food supplies have run out. A nearby rooftop is on fire. Boats and helicopters have passed them by! Dead bodies of neighbors are floating around. PLEASE HELP!!!!


Rescue… Please Help! A friend’s Mom is trapped in her house at 2220 Fern street, off of Claiborne. Her name is Grace Troxcalir. She is running out of heart medicine. Please anyone that can help – Please rescue her.
Thank you – Eliza Schneller.

100 residents are still left in The Point (Algiers) and they are now under seige from the mob that was released from the convention center. They have had to kill 4 people in an attempt to protect their property and life.

Please get state police in!


Doctors, patients and staff are stranded at Baptist Hospital (extended campus of Memorial Hospital). My brother, Dr. Bryant King, is stranded there and has been sending occassional text messages to let us know the situation.

Yesterday, he explained that management at the hospital decided to selectively withhold food and water from patients. Doctors are being forced to decide who gets to live and who will starve to death. The hospital is surrounded by 8 ft of flood water; there is no more electricity, food or water. Windows are broken out and people are starving.

There has been very little press about this hosptial, but conditions are deplorable and they need to be evacuated. My brother asked that we please get them out of there. Please let the press know that Baptist Hospital (2700 Napolean Blv) is BEGGING FOR HELP!!!

75 people slowly dying at Broad and Tulane. My adopted daughter’s sister, Brandi Gautreaux, 26 may be among them. She left there Sunday headed for Superdome and we have not heard from her. Can you get some rescuers to go to that location. The people are text messaging and are still alive but the e-mail said they are slowly dying. I think they are in attic or upper floor or apt. house or hotel. I cannot reach state patrol or coast guard to get them help. Please try.


There are 1200 patients, doctors, nurses and hospital personnel trapped in Charity Hospital. Surrounded by 5 feet of water that has become dangerous to even swim through, these people have had no electricity since 5:00 a.m, Monday. Why is their plight no worse than others? This hospital is trying to keep their patients alive without any technology available other than manual means and perseverance.

They’ve lost patients just because there is no electricity. They’re having to stack the dead bodies outside on balconies because the disease and stench could cause more health problems that these people don’t need at this time.

Their food and water is almost gone. Green beans and a cup of water is the common menu for the day. The toilets don’t work – more health problems.

Coast Guard attempted to move about 30 critical care patients out yesterday — transport by boat to Tulane Medical Center across the street and then up flights of stairs to a helipad for evacuation. Looters shot at the vehicles attempting this transport and the guard had to stop evacuations for fear of life.


I just received a phone call from my sister about Methodist Hospital, she has just informed me that FEMA is not helping them at all. They are out of water, food, and diesel fuel for the generator. If we don’t get media attention I am afraid that something horrible will happen to my parents and everyone at the hospital.

There are 700 people in the 3rd floor lobby, about 50 or staff, and around 50-60 patients (a few have been evacuated but the rest died). They did have helicopters evacuating patients, but now they are refusing (by the way the helicopters were being paid for by the hospital parent company UHC).

This is no joke, if we don’t get help to my parents, the hospital and everyone in the hospital may die. I don’t want to be dramatic but the reality is they are on their own.


My cousin and his family have not yet been rescued. There are six people including a young child and three Tulane University students. The address is 3254 Gentilly Blvd.

Reports are that a rescue boat came on Tuesday and took the family across the street because they were in worst condition. However, no one came back for them. I understand that they are in the attic with no food or water…waiting to be rescued. Thank you.

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