‘The New York Times’ Link To False Memoirist Peggy Seltzer

By: E&P Staff

There been much ado these past few days about Peggy Seltzer, the writer who fabricated an entire memoir about growing up in foster care in South Central Los Angeles.

One of the biggest champions of the books was The New York Times, who not only gave the book a rave review courtesy of Michiko Kakutani, but also profiled Seltzer in the House & Home section.

In a post-James Frey world, it seems curious that a memoir made up of so many fictions could get past the editor. Fact-checking seems to be at a premium in the world of memoirs. Seltzer’s editor was Sarah McGrath, who worked with her for three years on the book.

Colin McEnroe takes a closer look at the fallout from the false memoir and says he wants the Times’ public editor to look into it.

His full piece can be read here.

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