The ‘Other’ War: Gallup Finds Americans Rate Rosie Even Lower Than Trump

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By: E&P Staff

Besides polling Americans on such issues as the troop escalation in Iraq and stem cell research, Gallup is not afraid to venture into truly vital areas of national debate, such as: Who do Americans favor in the great Donald Trump-Rosie O?Donnell mudslinging battle?

It looks like Trump trumps Rosie — winning by a ?hair.?

The national poll taken last week finds that Americans rate both celebrities more negatively than positively, however. Rosie gets 63% unfavorable ratings while The Donald clocks in at 48% (with 41% voicing approval).

?Women have essentially the same opinion of both celebrities, but men are much more negative in their ratings of O’Donnell,? Gallup reports. ?Younger men view Trump most positively, while younger women view O’Donnell most positively.?

O’Donnell’s ratings are 34% favorable to 56% unfavorable among women, while Trump’s ratings are 38% favorable to 50% unfavorable among women.

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