The Rise of Video is Making 2016 a Weird Year to be a Digital Publisher

It’s been a big, weird year for the media industry. Gawker, the pioneering blog, declared bankruptcy and was sold off to Univision, whose millennial-focused digital endeavor Fusion has been having trouble finding an audience. The Awl, an heir to a certain version of Gawker, moved to Medium along with a number of other small websites. Medium’s own in-house editorial product, Matter, has turned itself into a … studio? Or something? BuzzFeed missed its early revenue goals by a wide margin, and has reorganized internally to emphasize video. (A better outcome for employees than at Mashable, where dozens were laid off in April, in preparation for a “strategic shift” toward video.) Vice launched a cable channel! Which no one is watching. Not that the executives at Disney, who seem likely to purchase the company, mind.

And then there’s Tronc. Tronc! Whatever it is.

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