The Silliness of Newspaper Editorials

By: E&P Staff

Tim Cuprisin |

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel raised a few eyebrows with its political endorsements earlier this month, giving its traditional pre-election editorial nods to a Democrat, Russ Feingold, and a Republican, Scott Walker.

It was a ridiculous muddle that pleased no one, and looked like an attempt to appease both the right and the left.

And that muddle got worse this week when the newspaper editorialized on saving high-speed rail.

Whatever you think of the train or Walker, the guy who got the newspaper’s nod for governor opposed it openly during the campaign. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he immediately started working on killing it.

The Walker endorsement editorial included this: “Stopping the fast train between Milwaukee and Madison reflects the kind of fiscal conservatism for which he is known, but it still is shortsighted.”

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