The Star and in 3-D

By: E&P Staff

Sunday, scary Sunday

We don’t know what claims they’re making on The Star‘s home page today about why they decided to go 3-D today, but c’mon! It’s Halloween! Of course we’ve gone 3-D so we could find some scary sights and present them to you in all their deep, three-dimensional glory. (Just try to keep your wits about you; we don’t want you spilling hot coffee on your keyboard.)

If you are as yet unaware of our 3-D big doings, yes, the reason some pictures look funny today is that they were photographed with a 3-D camera. Buy a print edition of The Star and find the your 3-D glasses inside. Slip on those one-side-red/one-side-blue bad boys and you’ll see our 3-D content the way it was meant to be seen.

Each 3-D picture in the photo gallery is a scene photographed at a local haunted attraction (including, in one case, a theater production). Our thanks to everyone who helped with the photo shoots.

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