The Texas Tribune Celebrates Its First Birthday

By: E&P Staff

Evan Smith | The Texas Tribune

You’re only as old as you feel, right? If that’s the case, then all of us at The Texas Tribune are happily marking our centennial. Because, trust me, it feels like we’ve been doing this for at least 100 years.

In truth, we turn 1 today. When we launched last Election Day, the amount we didn’t know could fill a good-sized website. And it did. But the amount we’ve learned since then is as big as the freaking internet. It has been truly amazing to experience, in real time, both an evolution and a revolution in the media business – in the way content is produced and distributed, in the way commerce is conducted, in the way the tools of technology are applied to solve the problem of disengagment.

When we started, nonprofit online news was a novelty. Today it’s enough of a vibrant, burgeoning industry that there are multiple conferences of editors and publishers committed to the nurturing of the emerging model.

When we started, we could only assert, without evidence, that people really do care about public policy and politics – about “this stuff.” We’re long past having to prove the theory of that particular case.

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