The Tom-Tom Club: Greenwald Asks Why Friedman Could Be So Wrong on War — Yet Still So Revered

By: E&P Staff

Why is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman so widely revered when he was so “wrong” on Iraq? This is the question posed today by popular liberal blogger Glenn Greenwald in a lengthy posting.

Greenwald, a former litigator in New York, is the author of the 2006 book “How Would A Patriot Act?” He reveals that he was recently criticized for “failing to devote enough attention to the person who, by far, was most responsible for selling the war to centrists and liberal ‘hawks’ and thereby creating ‘consensus’ support for Bush’s war.” This turns out to be Tom Friedman, so Greenwald went back and re-read all of his columns since mid-2002.

He calls this an “extraordinary” body of work — but not in a positive sense. Here is a link to his Unclaimed Territory blog.

To read the post, click here.

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