The Washington Post Launches “The Forum” Twitter Feature on Politics App for iPad

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By: Press Release | Washington Post

WASHINGTON—August 23, 2012—The Washington Post today launched a special feature that makes it easy for iPad users to see what top political leaders, reporters and pundits are saying on Twitter. Launching just in time for the conventions and available only on the WP Politics App for iPad, “The Forum” identifies, organizes and presents content from the most influential political voices on Twitter.  

With The Forum, users will no longer need to spend time identifying and organizing all the major voices in politics. Instead, they will have instant access to the content tweeted by hundreds of campaign leaders, candidates, journalists and pundits presented in a seamless, at-a-glance format.  

“The Forum enables new and experienced Twitter users alike to quickly see  what the political experts, office holders  and newsmakers are saying without so much as creating a Twitter account, let alone finding, following and organizing hundreds of people,” said Beth Jacobs, General Manager of Mobile, The Washington Post. “The best part of this tool is that we can apply it to countless other topics, instantly creating a framework for users to access great content from expert Tweeters.”  

“The Forum is a great example of how publishers can use Twitter to add value to their storytelling,” said Adam Sharp, Head of Government, News and Social Innovation at Twitter. “The Washington Post is a trusted source for political analysis that Twitter users will benefit from during this year’s election.”  

Each group contains a recommended selection of Tweeters based on how relevant their tweets are to the election. Within the larger lists inside The Forum, users will have complete control of whose tweets they see, with the ability to  turn on or off any person’s stream of Tweets at any time, simply by checking or unchecking the person’s name on a list.  

Users can also suggest influential Tweeters The Post should add to the various groups or login to their Twitter accounts and instantly engage with conversations as they are happening.  

The Forum is sorted into six groups: news outlets, campaigns, partisans, prominent office holders, fact checkers,  and jesters. Tweeters’ names and titles are displayed in addition to Twitter handles, making it easy for users to know exactly who is saying what. Trending Tweets within The Forum also isolate hot issues of the moment.  

In addition to The Forum, The Post has created a variety of features to help users follow and understand content across social media. @MentionMachine tracks what people are saying on Twitter about the presidential candidates and why. Users looking for the best political stories across the web can use The Post’s #CampaignReads features while The Fix blog builds #fixlists of best Tweeters on specific political areas.  

“The Forum is a great example of how we can bring a wider variety of expert voices to enrich our coverage and inform our audience.  We continue to develop these types of tools because we believe there is enormous value in engaging experts and readers alike,” said Cory Haik, Executive Producer, The Washington Post.  

To access The Forum, download the WP Politics App on iPad or at   

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