Third Man Scales ‘NYT’ Building

By: E&P Staff

For the third time in recent weeks, a man has scaled the front of The New York Times building in midtown Manhattan. It happened before overnight and he was arrested about 5:30 this morning. He had been using a cell phone often as he climbed. The street, once again, had been cleared below.

The newspaper reports on its site: “Unlike the two previous climbers, this one ? identified as David Malone, an activist who studies Al Qaeda ? did not attempt to make his way to the roof. Instead, he unfurled a banner around the fifth floor of the 52-story building, before climbing a few more stories. Several hours elapsed during which the police appeared to alternate between trying to go after the man and waiting for him to surrender.

“Mr. Malone was taken out of the building?s West 40th Street entrance in handcuffs at 5:39 a.m. and placed in an ambulance. He was taken to St. Vincent?s Hospital in Manhattan. The police said charges were pending. …

“Police officers tried to catch the climber by cutting through a window on the fifth floor of the building, but after having briefly rested at that level, he had already climbed past them.

“The climbing episodes have at this point become something of an embarrassment for The Times. On June 5, two men scaled the building, hours apart, reaching the roof before being arrested. The first was Alain Robert, a 45-year-old French stuntman known for climbing tall buildings; the second was Renaldo Clarke, 32, of Brooklyn, who said he wanted to draw attention to the problem of malaria.

“At the time, Times officials said they would tighten security and take other precautions to prevent anyone from climbing up the building again.”

In a statement issued late Wednesday morning, a Times spokeswoman added, “The climber’s irresponsible and dangerous action jeopardized his safety and the safety of others. We are exploring additional measures to prevent a reoccurrence but are not going to discuss specifics.”

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