This Time ‘NY Post’ Gets Kerry VP Choice Right

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By: E & P Staff

One day after announcing, in a front-page exclusive, that Senator John Kerry had picked Rep. Richard Gephardt as his running mate, the New York Post made light of the goof with a Page One headline reading: “KERRY’s CHOICE: Dem Picks Edwards as VP candidate (REALLY).”

The story casually mentioned that the Post had incorrectly named Gephardt as Kerry’s man. It was labeled “NOT Exclusive.”

The paper still has not explained how the gaffe happened. But were any of the newspaper’s vast legion of readers upset that the paper had gotten a story so wrong, and played it so prominently? If so, you’d never know it from the letters to the editor that the paper ran.

One noted, “The Post is a good newspaper and usually publishes the truth when others are missing it or ducking it.”

Another accused Kerry of flipflopping: He must have picked Gephardt then switched to Edwards. A third man thanked the paper for the goof, claiming he’d sold a dozen copies so far at $4 each.

And the last said it was no wonder The Post thought Gephardt had been picked, for he “is more ready than Edwards to be president if necessary.”

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