THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Chicago Doesn’t Love ‘Trib,’ Bush as ‘Worst’

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader responds to Mark Fitzgeralds column wondering why locals aren’t lining up to buy the Chicago Tribune, q reader weighs in on David Gregory’s exchange with Tony Snow yesterday, and two more think Bush is the worst President in U.S. history.


Why No Local Clamoring for the ‘Trib?’

The real reason “why not” is the Sun-Times. It’s the better paper, the scrappier paper, and it was Royko’s home for ages until he went across the street in a snit when Murdoch bought the Sun-Times, only to sell it a short while later. He’d called the Trib “A scold” and NYT wannabe.

Also the Trib, while liked for weekends and upper crusters and suburbanites, is not the city paper. It avoids tough stories and rugged reporting. The S-T has done all the current exposes that has City Hall in hot water (the Dump Truck scandal). It’s an odd paper for being a broadsheet: some J-school did a survey of front pages at one point and discovered that, over a period of time, the Trib ran a higher number of inflammatory front pages than the Sun-Times did — exactly the opposite of expectations. So who’d want it?

Bill Schmidt


Gregory in the Press Room

This NBC guy (David Gregory) seems to be making himself part of the news on a regular basis.

Riley Petty
Corpus Christi, Texas


Bush as ‘Worst President?’

President Bush is by far the worst president ever. He is a pathological liar that the press seems not to care about. He started an Illegal war. He has been violating the law with his domestic spying program. He explicitly condons torture. But, he does deserve the 3 I’s: Impeach, Indict & Imprison (how about Gitmo)

Josh Evans

I would suggest one measure is damage to the United States’ international standing. By this measure Bush certainly seems like a contender for a position near the bottom of the list.

John Hull

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