THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Colonel’s Suicide, ‘Mary Worth,’ AG Firings

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers respond to Greg Mitchell’s article about the suicide of a U.S. colonel in Iraq, another reader applauds the Washington Post’s decision to drop the “Mary Worth” comic, and readers respond to a Wednesday letter about Alberto Gonzoles’ firing of several state attorney generals.


Greg Mitchell’s Column on the Suicide of Colonel Westhusing

Your article just blew my mind! I can not believe how awful it must be over there for Westhusing to kill himself.

I strongly believe that Bush and his Cabal of neocons should be hauled in front of the Senate and Congress and sent to Prison for what they have done! I want to email your article to all my friends, to let them know what our young men and women are going through, so the corrupt Haliburton (Cheney) can make billions, and Bush can get the oil.

Maybe some of my friends who voted twice for Bush will wake up.

Thank you for telling us the true, we sure do not get it from CNN or MSNBC (except for Keith Oberman)! Keith tells it like it is!

Carole Alois
Schenectady, N.Y.

I consider those who commit suicide not true to their mission or they would have stuck it out — irrespective of the pain. In AA we call that: “I’ll show you, I’ll kill me.”

What a self-centered way to make a point: “In a phone call with his wife, Michelle, who was back at West Point, Westhusing told her he planned to tell Petraeus that he was going to quit. She pleaded with him to just finish his tour and return home.”

Jeanette McDougal
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

I remember an NPR interview about this individual a while back. Truly a canary in the mine, and, tragically, even with his ultimate sacrifice, no one paid attention … and here we are today, fully corrupted and dishonored as a country.

I hope there is wider dissemination of this hero’s story. Thank you for the light.

Barbara Ruether
New York, N.Y.


Dropping ‘Mary Worth’

After decades of carrying the comic strip “Mary Worth,” the Washington Post has decided it’s time for her to go.

Smart move. “Mary Worth” was a derivative of “Apple Mary,” conceived as “a buck-up, you can do it” moral builder in the Great Depression. It was actually quite good throughout that era, but it lost its appeal at least ten years ago via incredibly weak story lines.

Mary, you won’t be missed.

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, Md.


More Historical Context on AG Firings

I agree with Mr. Fountain (Wednesday’s letters page) that more historic context would be useful. The context he offered was not. At the beginning of President Clinton’s term, he asked for the resignation of all the US Attorneys. Mr. Bush did the same at the beginning of his stay in Washington. Useful context would be how many Attorneys have been fired mid-stream like this group? The number that has been discussed is three in the past twenty-five years. Three in twenty-five years versus eight with one blow? Not even the Brave Little Tailor was so strong!

Michael Niemeyer
St. Charles, Mo.

Please keep publishing those Fox Kool-Aid drinkers! The only problem is, while Cheney/Bush Corp. is currently staging the legal theft of 80% of Iraq’s oil fields for the benefit of Exxon-Mobil, letter writer Steve Fountain is concerned that your excellent coverage of GonzalezGate didn’t include the always relevant BWDCD factor: But What Did Clinton Do?

I’d like to add the following request: Please also devote space and analysis to What Did Bush1 Do, What Did Reagan Do, What Did Carter Do, … well, you get my drift. Can you go back to Teddy?

Mary Truchelut
Wilton Manors, Fla.

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