THURSDAY’S LETTERS: Fitzgerald’s Jewell Column on Target, Gannon on Castro Press Attack, E&P and Coulter

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, former famed White House reporter Jeff Gannon points out an incident in Argentina that has seemingly been ignored by the media, two readers say E&P’s coverage of Ann Coulter is overdone, and a former Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor praises Mark Fitzgerald’s column on Richard Jewell.


Press Ignore Castro’s Attack on Reporter?

Fidel Castro’s thugs attacked a reporter at a press conference in Argentina and there is not a single American report about it. C’mon Greg Mitchell (Editor & Publisher), where’s the outrage? Take a break from trashing Ann Coulter and do some real reporting about the media.

Jeff Gannon


Police Were Responsible for Jewell Sliming

Mark Fitzgerald’s column about Richard Jewell and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is one of the best I’ve read on the subject — and I’ve read a lot of them, because I was an editor at the AJC when the story happened.

What Fitzgerald got right, and others usually get wrong, is that it was the police, not the media, who made Jewell a suspect in the Olympic Park bombing. The AJC was just the first news organization to accurately report that story.

Tom Eblen
Lexington, Ky.


E&P Overdoes Ann Coulter Coverage

Regarding Ann Coulter: You folks need to develop a sense of humor. Don’t take things so seriously … or literally. Same for those poor souls at the handful of publications who have dropped Coulter. Their loss.

Coulter is brilliant and humorous, and she makes her valid points using both attributes. She writes an opinion column. She’s not a reporter. The [publishing] industry would do well to hold reporters to the same standards they apply to Coulter.

How many local papers severed their ties with the New York Times after the Times’ treasonous article revealing classified information about monitoring terrorists’ funding? A lot is revealed about the industry when Coulter is viewed as a greater threat than the abject treason by the NYTimes!

Coulter’s Books accurately attacking modern liberalism have hit a nerve, the most recent being the most effective.

What’s that sound? Could it be the publication industry chanting, “Liberalism uber alles!”

Bob Webster
Editor, Publisher

… Do you send agents around the country to determine which, if any, publications are “dropping” Ann Coulter’s weekly column? She must really have you people frightened. Let’s see: war in the Middle East, Iran has nuclear capability, North Korea is threatening to turn Japan into a nuclear wasteland, children are being abused in record numbers, activist judges are usurping their Constitutional authority, high school graduation rates are the worst in history, and you find it more important to rush out and tell the world what a miniscule newspaper in the Carolinas is doing with Ann Coulter’s column. This is Pulitzer material! Don’t worry! She gave Donny Deutsch a second chance and I’m sure she’s open-minded enough to do the same for you. Ask her to forgive you for your liberal ways and I’m sure she’ll absolve you and give you another shot. Somehow I doubt you’ll follow that advice. …

Michael J. McCormack
Master Sergeant, USAF (Retired)
Acworth, Ga.

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